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It depends on how it is resolved and, more specifically, whether it is resolved via the court. Below is a more detailed explanation.

If, however, you currently need personal advice regarding your divorce case, don’t hesitate to contact a Beaverton divorce attorney at Helzar & Cromar, LLP.

When Divorce Is Part of Public Record

When a contested divorce cannot be resolved via mediation, the case will proceed through the court, where:

  • A judge will rule on the issues being disputed.
  • The details of the case – such as what assets constitute the marital property, who gets what and how much debt a couple has – will become part of public record.

When Divorce Is Generally Not Part of Public Record

In contrast, the details of a divorce case – along with its outcome – will not usually become part of public record in Oregon if or when:

  • The case can be resolved via mediation, as these proceeds remain private. That can be a big incentive to compromise for couples in the public eye who may not want the details of their marriage and/or divorce to become public.
  • The court orders that the divorce case be kept off of public record to protect an involved party, such as an adult or child victim of domestic abuse. Parties planning or proceeding through divorce can request such court orders if or when they fear for their safety.

Divorce & the Public Record: More Important Information

  • Any court action related to the divorce that is taken after the final divorce decree has been issued will also generally be part of the public record. So, for instance, filings related to modifications of custody and/or support payments will usually be part of public record.
  • When the need for privacy and discretion through divorce outweighs the motivation to battle it out in court, working through mediation can provide favorable solutions – often more preferable to those that the court would have ordered (because each partner has had a hand in crafting them).

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