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Divorce rates in America sit around 17% of all couples (not 50% of all marriages, that number is skewed), and more people (per year) believe that marriage isn’t worth the effort anymore. With the danger of divorce looming over a couple’s heads and the financial stress, if not outright ruin, it causes, it’s no wonder that people are afraid to tie the knot. The good news is that there have been and still are prenuptial agreements you can sign before getting married. The bad news is that it’s a fairly uncomfortable conversation to have.

Many people might take a prenuptial agreement to be a slap in the face; some have described it as a great way to say, “I love you, but I don’t trust you.” People fear that bringing it up with their significant other will cause a rift – and potentially result in breaking off the wedding and breaking up entirely. But let’s be honest, if your relationship can’t withstand a mature conversation to protect both of your futures, it’s better to have it end before you’re legally and financially bound. Avoiding negotiating divorce terms with a Beaverton family law attorney is advised.

The benefit of a prenuptial is that you both agree to asset division in the event of a divorce before the wedding ever happens. Most couples typically agree that whatever assets and property they had before the marriage will remain theirs if the marriage dissolves, avoiding the trouble of shared assets to be negotiated by a Beaverton family law attorney. You save yourself time, effort, and money upfront, even if the chat might be a bit awkward.

If you’re about to be married, you should consider a prenuptial. We’ve compiled a list of best practices to guide you through the uncomfortable conversation.

Be gentle: Your partner likely isn’t ready to hear that you’re worried about your upcoming marriage ending in divorce; they’re only thinking of the good times in the future. Begin the conversation with tact.

Tell them you love them: The first thought that will likely race through their mind is that you don’t love them enough if you’re even considering a prenuptial. Let them know that isn’t the case.

Pick the right time: If they’re having a bad day, it probably isn’t the right time to start talking about it.

Discuss the future and be open: Some people think logically and that there is no issue to having a safety net; others may find this thought offensive.

Marriage is supposed to be a celebration, but there’s nothing necessarily wrong with wanting to protect your and your spouse’s futures; be sure to follow our tips if you’re considering proposing a prenup with your future husband, or wife. Contact our offices to speak with a Beaverton family law attorney to go over the details of a prenuptial agreement and learn how we can assist.