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Modification Of Custody, Support, Divorce Orders Lawyer Beaverton

Family Law and Divorce Lawyers in the Beaverton

Once a divorce has been finalized and orders for child custody, child support, alimony or visitation have been entered — it is a relief to feel as though everything is done with, that it’s all over.

In some cases, it is — if no major life changes occur for either party and no modifications of those orders are ever sought. But for most people, life after divorce does include changes that make a modification of divorce absolutely essential.

Solutions to life’s changes are within your reach. If you need to obtain a modification of a divorce order for custody, support or visitation — call us at (206) 957-7273 or contact us online.

At Helzer & Cromar, we help people in Multnomah, Clackamas, Columbia and Washington counties, and throughout the Portland metropolitan area, obtain modifications of orders involving child custody, child/spousal support and parenting time.

Some of the more common reasons people seek these changes include:

  • Substantial pay increases
  • Changes in work hours
  • Major illness or disability
  • Unemployment, layoffs or job demotions
  • Relocation (moving more than 60 miles from the other parent)
  • Substantial changes in the needs of the children
  • Remarriage
  • Concerns with non-custodial parents conduct
  • Parenting concerns of custodial parents

There are two ways to obtain a modification of orders. One is to approach your former spouse, explain the situation you’re in, and attempt to workout a reasonable agreement between yourselves.

The second option is to file a motion with the court. Generally, it is better to try and negotiate a solution with your former spouse or partner rather than to head straight to court. If it does become necessary to go to court, judges will appreciate that you tried to handle the matter outside of court first.

In either situation, our attorneys will make a compelling case for why the proposed modification of an order makes sense and is necessary for you at this time.


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