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Beaverton Divorce Attorney

When the end of a marriage leads to divorce, the choices you make – and steps you take – both before and during the divorce process can be central to how your case is resolved. They can also make a big difference in the duration and costs associated with your case, as well as in your life after divorce.

A marriage that ends in divorce is not always (rarely, really) an easy process. The choices made and steps taken leading up to a divorce are central to how the case is resolved. Factors such as duration and costs associated with your case, as well as life after divorce, can be drastically different depending on life leading up to it.

At Helzer & Cromar, LLP, our Portland lawyers are dedicated to providing exceptional representation to people going through divorce. Effective at protecting and advancing our clients’ interests, our lawyers can help you identify your best options for ending your marriage.

Benefits of Choosing Us to Represent You in Divorce Case

When you trust Helzer & Cromar, LLP to handle your divorce case, just some of the benefits you can count on receiving include:

  • Aggressive advocacy – We will fight to protect you in any legal setting, including in divorce mediation, hearings, trial and post-divorce proceedings.
    Personal, responsive legal service – In addition to being accessible and responsive, our attorneys will always tailor their service and representation to meet your specific needs.
    Compassion and support throughout the process – We are focused on understanding your anxieties, concerns and goals and supporting you as you move through the divorce process.
    Experienced help resolving your case – Our lawyers bring decades of experience to every case they take on. Their team-oriented approach means that you can benefit from the insight, experience, and knowledge all of our lawyers have to offer.
  • We encourage you to continue browsing this page (and our other pages on divorce in Portland) for more information about what to expect from the divorce process in Oregon.

When you need answers related to your situation – and your best options for ending your marriage, however, please contact us. We are ready to provide you with the information, support and representation you need in order to resolve your divorce case as favorably as possible.


Common Divorce Questions

Providing an overview of divorce laws and procedures in Portland (and throughout the state), the following presents answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce.


What Are the Divorce Requirements in Oregon?

To be eligible to file for divorce in the state of Oregon,1 at least one spouse has to:

Have an appropriate legal ground for divorce – Oregon is a “no-fault” divorce state. That means that the only ground for filing for divorce in Portland (and anywhere else in the state) is “irreconcilable differences,” which means that there is no hope or possibility of reconciling and continuing the marriage.
Meet the residency requirements – One party in the divorce has to have lived in Oregon for at least six months before (s)he can legally file the divorce petition. For those who don’t meet the residency requirements, it may be possible to file for legal separation and then convert that into a divorce proceeding once the residency requirement has been met.

How Do I File for Divorce?

To start a divorce case in, it is necessary to:

  • Complete the Dissolution of Marriage/Registered Domestic Partnership form2 – Please note that there are different forms for cases that involve children versus those that do not.
  • Submit the completed form to family law court in your county – In other words, you have to file for divorce in the county in which you live.
  • Pay the required filing fees – Fees will vary according to the specifics of your case (and whether you may be requesting other actions, such as temporary restraining orders, etc.). Fee waivers may be available for those with limited income or resources.

Once the divorce petition has been filed with the court (with the necessary fees):

  • The spouse who filed that petition (i.e., the petitioner) will have to make sure that the other spouse (i.e., the respondent) is served with a copy of this paperwork.
  • The respondent will have 30 days (after being served) to respond to the petition – If no response is filed, the case may proceed as an uncontested divorce; if a response is filed, the case will likely proceed as a contested divorce.



Image Source: Philip N. Cohen


Is Divorce My Only Option?

No. Divorce is, of course, the primary way to end a marriage, both in Oregon as well as the rest of the United States, but it is not the only way. Depending on your situation, your needs and goals, a divorce alternative may be preferable. They may be:

  • Annulment, voiding or invalidating the marriage – In Oregon, grounds for annulment include (but may not be limited to) coercion or fraud used to compel the marriage, or for religious purposes.
  • Legal separation, often an interim step to divorce – Legal separation can be preferable when, for instance, spouses want to test out a separation (before pulling the trigger on divorce) or when one spouse may need to retain certain benefits (which would stop with divorce).


How Can a We Help You?

A divorce attorney can help you in various ways, including by:

  • Taking a close look at your situation and hearing your concerns to help you determine the best options for ending your marriage.
  • Pointing out the essential steps to take before divorce in order to protect your interests – and position your case for favorable outcomes – as you move forward.
  • Overseeing all of the complicated work necessary to initiate the case and resolve the issues central to it.
  • Representing you in any legal proceeding associated with your case.
  • Helping you take care of other divorce-related actions if or when necessary (such as obtaining protective orders, resolving custody disputes, and pursuing post-divorce modifications, for example).

Depending on your situation, there may be a number of other ways that a divorce lawyer can help you. Meeting with a divorce lawyer for an initial consult can be one of the best ways to determine just how a divorce lawyer can assist you.


How Should I Choose a Law Firm?

Look for a firm with experienced divorce attorneys who provide you with the level of personal care and support necessary to get you through the divorce process. Also, when selecting a lawyer to handle your case, be sure to look for an attorney who:

  • Makes you feel comfortable
  • Gives you honest answers and helpful advice
  • Will be available to you throughout the course of your case
  • Will be responsive to your needs and inquiries as your case proceeds
  • Will be dedicated to bringing your case to the best possible resolution


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1: According to the Oregon State Bar Association
2: Court forms for Portland divorce and other family law matters are available at the Oregon Judicial Department