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Divorce is known for being a stressful process. While the plans you make ahead of time – along with the choices you make during divorce – can impact just how stressful (or not) the process ends up being for you, the following are some invaluable tips for coping with this emotional stress if (or more likely when) it does arise during divorce:

  1. Work it out – If you don’t exercise regularly, try to make it a new habit, as physically working out can be incredibly helpful to working through emotional stress. If going to the gym is not for you, consider joining a new class or exercise group.
  2. Focus on making healthy choices – In addition to exercise, adopting other healthy habits (such as healthful eating choices while avoiding unhealthy habits – like boozing and/or smoking) can also help people combat the stress of divorce. In fact, via healthy choices, people going through divorce can do their best to feel physically better and that may be pivotal to improving their self-esteem and outlook in divorce.
  3. Stay involved with your loved ones – Friends and family can be important members of a support system for those going through divorce, so stay connected with these loved ones. The chances are that they want to be there for you during a difficult time – and that some may even have some personal experiences and insight that may help you during particularly rough times.
  4. Know who you can talk to – If you don’t have a close loved one whom you can confide in when you need to talk or vent, consider retaining a therapist or joining a therapy group where you may find support from a professional and/or others dealing with similar issues/situations. Being able to talk about what you’re going through – in a safe, comfortable environment – can be helpful to overcoming some of the stress of divorce.
  5. Let go of anger and focus on the future – Although divorce can be a source of anger and resentment, these feelings often force people to hold onto the past – and that can be a harmful thing in divorce, especially if those negative feelings are getting in the way of compromise and resolutions. So do your best to stay positive and focused on the future and the next phase of your life.

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