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The old standard story for couples in Oregon would result in marriage, but as years have progressed and the times have changed, marriage isn’t necessarily the only option for couples to spend their lives together and still be recognized in the eyes of Oregon law. With several options on the table for couples and some confusion regarding each, we wanted to take the time to explain them, the processes of, and what you can expect so that you can choose the appropriate path.

First, we’ll tackle the easy and simplest one: marriage. Boiled down, marriage is a contract between two people of either sex to legally bind themselves to one another. Aside from the romantic and emotional bond strengthened through vows, couples enjoy several tax benefits. Before getting married, make sure you have your marriage license, purchased for a minimal fee.

For two people of the same gender above the age of 18 and one of whom is an Oregon resident can file for domestic partnership. There are several benefits to a domestic partnership, but for the full rundown of the difference between it and the usual marriage, you should consult a Beaverton family law expert. Our offices are open to discuss the pros, cons, and which option is right for you.

Common law marriage is defined when two people live together for an extended amount of time and describe themselves as married but have not gone through the marriage process. In Oregon, you cannot create a common law marriage; however, if two people have a common law marriage from another state and move to Oregon, the state recognizes their status.

Depending on your preference, there are clearly a few options listed to become married. Some couples may choose to never officially marry – and that’s okay. For most couples, a typical marriage procedure will suffice. Fortunately, for couples that do not want a standard marriage, Oregon offers alternatives so that couples can take advantage of the benefits of marrying – beyond the emotional bond.

If you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but aren’t sure of the path to follow in terms of marriage, contact our offices so we can go more in-depth with your options. Thankfully, there is more than the old marriage standard to profess ourselves and share your long years together and we’re here to help you make that a reality. Call us today to learn more.