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It depends on your circumstances and the specific terms of the agreement. While a Portland family law attorney at Helzer & Cromar, LLP would be happy to review the agreement and provide you with honest advice regarding your best options, below are some of the general pros and cons of having a prenuptial agreement in place.

The Pros of Prenups

  • Protecting separate property – Going into a marriage, separate property can easily be comingled with or merge into marital property. If there are specific assets or funds, however, that you want to retain as separate property, developing a prenuptial agreement can be key to putting effective protections in place.
  • Protecting business interests – If a marriage ends in divorce and one party holds business interests, those interests may be subject to a split when it comes time to divide the marital property. Prenups, however, can reserve business interests as separate property, taking them out of a future marital estate if a divorce occurs.
  • Setting financial expectations for the marriage – While prenups can certainly set the terms for a possible split, they can also establish specific financial guidelines for the marriage, such as who is responsible for paying what. Having clear financial expectations from the start of a marriage can help start the union on a positive note.
  • Clarifying terms for a potential split in the future – It is important to note here that, while valid prenups can establish terms for how marital property is to be divided and/or how spousal support will be awarded, they cannot dictate the terms of custody and/or child support payments.

The Potential Drawbacks of Prenuptial Agreements

  • Upsetting a partner – While prenups can offer a lot of protections, they are not the most romantic topic, and they certainly do have a stigma associated with them. While bringing up the topic of a prenup can be sensitive, having a discussion as to why the prenup is beneficial can mitigate any hurt feelings.
  • Not executing a valid prenuptial agreement – And this is most often the result of trying to do-it-yourself or relying on a generic online agreement. The fact is that, if you really want a valid prenup in place that will protect you in the future, working with an experienced attorney is crucial.

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