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Beaverton Litigation Lawyers

At Helzer & Cromar, we handle most types of lawsuits that fall under the general category of civil litigation cases – employment, contract, real estate, business disputes, insurance disputes, etc.The successful handling of most civil cases arises from long years of experience in understanding and applying the rules of civil procedure. These rules govern where a suit can be filed (i.e., in what state or federal court); when a suit must be filed (within certain time limitations); when a lawsuit must be submitted to a neutral mediator or arbitrator; what information and documentation must be provided to and obtained from the opposing party; the imposition of sanctions (consequences) for a party’s failure to comply; and how a trial proceeds.the conduct of a trial.

Although court trials are becoming more and more rare, we at Helzer & Cromar have extensive experience preparing for and going to trial when it becomes necessary. We have the experience to achieve our client’s litigation goals and are committed to obtaining the best and most effective resolution to our client’s litigation problems both inside and outside the courtroom.

At Helzer & Cromar we work closely with our clients to achieve the best results while keeping in mind the budget and finding ways to reduce cost. Although we have the experience to handle large, complex litigation matters, we are known for not overstaffing cases or “over lawyering” projects. We are also always mindful of the advantages of early mediation and arbitration, when trial is necessary we prepare the case and try it to verdict.If you have a Litigation matter that needs to be addressed, let us at Helzer & Cromar assist you. Contact us at (503) 626-2889 or email us using the contact form to schedule a consultation to further discuss your matter.