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Beaverton Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

Beaverton Denied Insurance Claim Lawyer

Insurance companies generate revenues and make profits when the premiums exceed the money paid out in claims. Oftentimes, that for-profit approach results in wrongfully denied claims. Their bottom line is more important than providing the coverage they promised when the policy was sold to you.

At Helzer & Cromar, we represent individual clients dealing with powerful, well-funded insurance companies. Their resources are hard to match when facing them on your own. You need to level the playing field and secure the legal representation that can even the odds you face.

If your valid insurance claim was wrongfully denied, contact us at (206) 957-7273 or toll free at (866) 930-2812. Assert your rights to collect on a valid claim.

Enforcing your contractual rights is our first priority in holding insurance providers responsible for the policy they sold you. When a contract is breached, you must take fast action. Statutes of limitations exist that could prevent you from disputing the finding of your insurance company.

Many insurance providers are in the business of denying initial claims. They assume that the customer will view it as a final decision and move on. In addition to representing the insured, we educate them on the process and clearly communicate their rights. Many times, denied claims and bad faith claims result in additional money paid to you and attorney fees reimbursed.


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