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Protland Insurance Agent Error Attorney

Holding Insurance Agents Accountable for their Errors/Malpractice

The most skilled and competent insurance agents are not above making errors. Their mistakes can be costly for policy holders seeking compensation based on the policy they purchased. At Helzer & Cromar, our attorneys get to the facts and attend to all details in the handling of denied claims because of agent error or malpractice.

If you suspect an error committed by your insurance agent resulted in a denied claim or one that did not reflect the true compensation you deserve, take immediate action. Contact us at (206) 957-7273 or toll free at (866) 930-2812.

Errors and omissions can lead to denial of coverage, payment of claim, and even cancellation of a policy after a claim is filed. The timing of the problem comes at the worst time. Consistently paying on the policy should result in a process where you are compensated based on the losses you suffered.

At Helzer & Cromar, we investigate all aspects of a suspected agent error or omission. Shortcuts are taken in a commission-driven environment. Mistakes in writing the policy have resulted in less than adequate coverage. A signed policy may remain on the agent’s desk and never be delivered to the insurance company.

You have rights and options when purchasing an insurance policy. When the agent fails to communicate that information, a claim that is valid could be wrongfully denied.


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