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Beaverton Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Paying timely insurance premiums and filing a legitimate claim with your provider should provide you the peace of mind you need after a catastrophic event. However, many County residents come to Helzer & Cromar, seeking representation against an insurance company engaged in bad faith practices.

If you have a policy with an insurance company, that contract must be honored at all times. Your provider must investigate claims thoroughly and maintain communication with you. However, in many cases that “thorough investigation” takes the form of an insurer finding ways to not pay a legitimate claim. They also stall and intentionally delay a decision, going beyond established statutes of limitations related to deadlines for filing suit.

If a valid insurance claim has been denied, you need an experienced and dedicated attorney at your side. For help, contact us at (503) 643-3288.

At Helzer & Cromar, we handle bad faith insurance cases that involve:

Insurance companies often put their bottom line over payment of a legitimate claim. They want to maximize the money coming in and minimize the compensation paid for a claim. Initial refusal of a claim is a common tactic with the hope that the customer will accept it as the final decision. Our job is to educate our clients on their policy and what it provides while explaining their rights.

Going up against an insurance company on your own ignores the power of the large companies and the complexity of bad faith claims. On your behalf, we will hold insurance companies accountable for bad faith and force them to fulfill their contractual obligations.