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The costs of divorce in Beaverton will vary from case to case, with the following factors being some of the most common ones that can impact Oregon divorce costs:

  • Whether the divorce is being contested – When none of the issues of the divorce are being disputed, couples can proceed with uncontested divorce, which can greatly reduce their divorce costs, as they won’t have to go through mediation and/or a lengthy court process.
  • Whether compromise is feasible – Even when couples cannot agree on all of the issues of their divorce, when they are able to interact with each other civilly and when compromise on even just some of the points at dispute is possible, the divorce process can, again, be less costly. That is generally due to the fact that finding solutions via compromise can make for a more efficient process, which can result in lower divorce costs.
  • The scope of the marital property – The more assets and/or debts couples have, the longer it can take to divide up their marital property, especially if couples don’t see eye to eye about how that division should occur.
  • Whether any assets have been concealed – If any party tries to hide assets in divorce (or is accused of doing so), further investigation – and court proceedings – may be necessary, prolonging the process and likely increasing the associated expenses.
  • Whether custody disputes are involved – Custody disputes can be one of the most complicated and contentious aspects of divorce cases. As such, when custody is a point of dispute, the costs of divorce tend to increase.

4 Essential Tips for Cutting the Costs of Divorce

  1. Know what you want to fight for, and be willing to give on some issues.
  2. Start planning now. Regardless of your financial status, these are some steps that you can take now to reduce your future divorce costs – both the financial costs and psychological impacts.
  3. Don’t try to hide any marital assets. It will only backfire and most likely cost you in the future. It could even lead to criminal charges (depending on the extent of the concealment).
  4. Retain an attorney who can help you efficiently and successfully navigate the divorce process so you can focus on getting on with your life.

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