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Retirement Benefits in a Divorce

Educating Clients on How Divorce Affects Retirement Benefits

Time is of the essence in securing a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) or other form of supplemental judgment for retirement accounts. Whether you have recently separated, are in the process of marital dissolution or already divorced, you need to protect both your rights and your financial future.

Perhaps the most complicated aspect of property division and asset protection involves retirement benefits. If you and your spouse have money in a retirement plan or your spouse has the benefit of a pension, 401K, or IRA, take immediate action and contact an experienced divorce attorney at Helzer & Cromar.

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While a pension, 401K, or IRA fluctuates in value, it is still a tangible asset that is subject to division following the end of a marriage. A QDRO is a form of judgment transferring a spouse’s legally entitled share of the account or accounts. Again, fast action is important to protect your financial future and secure an asset you are entitled to by law.

Multiple legal requirements must be included in a Divorce Judgment and properly drafted QDRO, requiring you to retain an experienced family law attorney. Retirement plans each have unique aspects contained in them. Government and military plans differ from those in the state of Oregon. Many lesser-experienced lawyers are simply not equipped to handle the complexities.


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