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Beaverton Asset Protection Attorney

Beaverton Property Division Lawyer

You may have entered your marriage with significant assets from a family-owned business or inheritance. When money and valuable property are factored into a divorce, legal issues can become complex and contentious. The attorneys at Helzer & Cromar not only bring extensive experience into this complex aspect of divorce law, but they also provide an objective point of view when divorcing spouses struggle to find a middle ground.

While we help facilitate the process of property division and strive to find agreement through negotiation, we also understand that certain assets require protection. Contact us at (206) 957-7273 or toll free at (866) 930-2812.

Oregon is not a community property state, meaning that marital assets are determined and then divided equitably. Protecting what you hold most valuable is paramount in the process. At Helzer & Cromar, we combine experience and knowledge with a network of experts who help us valuate property and ensure that you are getting your fair share.

The first step is identifying assets, property and real estate that were brought into the marriage. Those ending a second marriage may want to preserve inheritances for children from the first marriage. Some assets may have been co-mingled between spouses and require thorough tracing to see when it began. Appraising real estate and businesses with accuracy and attention to detail is vital to verify the true, not overstated or understated value.

Protecting pensions, investments, stock holdings and retirement accounts from an unfair division helps bring certainty to an uncertain future. We will fight for what you are entitled to and protect your assets in mediation or litigation, whichever process provides the best outcome.


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