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High Asset Divorce Attorneys

When significant assets are involved in a divorce, the process of marital dissolution becomes more complex, if not extremely contentious. Divorcing spouses have a great deal at stake in protecting valuable possessions and preventing their soon-to-be ex from getting things they do not deserve.


Experienced Beaverton Divorce Lawyers

At Helzer & Cromar, we understand that clients are in a highly emotional state involving the end of a marriage. Whether longtime disputes or an extra-marital affair caused the break-up, we focus on the legal aspects of a high-asset divorce. Stable financial futures are at stake in finding a middle ground where both parties can find agreement.

Handling a high-asset divorce without the help of a seasoned family law attorney compromises your rights and fails to protect valuable assets. Contact us at (503) 626-2889.

Inheritances, trust funds and businesses are often involved in a high-asset divorce. Yet, while they exist out in the open, the value of those possessions is often in dispute. Cases are further complicated when monies and possessions are hidden from one spouse in an effort to avoid division of that property.

We combine our experience and legal knowledge with the expertise of financial experts to uncover those often-valuable hidden assets. Those professionals also help us review and analyze financial statements. An in-depth and thorough approach to identify each asset — regardless of value — is vital in achieving true division of property.


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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Beaverton high-asset divorce lawyer, please call contact us or (503) 626-2889