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Divorce and Affairs

Educating Beaverton Clients on Grounds for a Divorce in Oregon

Oregon is a “No-Fault” divorce state. An extra-marital affair is not a factor in determining whether or not one is entitled to a divorce. However, such conduct may be a factor in determining issue of custody, parenting time, and division of assets. In matters involving custody and parenting time, an extra-marital affair can have a significant impact on decision making and quality time with children.

At Helzer & Cromar, our divorce attorneys handle all the legal aspects involved in a marital dissolution while our clients deal with personal issues. We understand that divorce is an emotional process. Issues become more emotionally charged when an affair is discovered or admitted.

If you or your spouse is ending your marriage over a longtime affair or multiple indiscretions, you need to get the facts regarding your rights both now and in the future. Contact us at (503) 626-2889.

Custody and parenting time is determined based on a variety of factors. First and foremost, the courts look out for the best interests of the children. When they analyze potential custody arrangements and parenting time schedules, they will hear evidence regarding specific acts of misconduct by a spouse to determine whether or not a parent is capable of making sound decisions for their children. Those arguments are not considered relevant in support or property division, but they do have an impact on time spent with children.

What you do during your marriage can have lifelong effects for both you and your children.


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