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Parenting Time & Visitation Agreements

Parenting Time Solutions in Beaverton

Also known as visitation, parenting time allocations are meant to ensure that children have the opportunity to spend meaningful time together with each parent following a divorce. Despite how clear this goal may seem, reaching an agreement without court intervention can be difficult to do without experienced legal help.

In Oregon, parenting time guidelines vary from county to county. Our lawyers know the law and what various courts and jurisdictions prefer. Put that experience on your side by calling our law offices directly at (206) 957-7273 or by contacting us online.

Parenting time plans can be as detailed and specific as you would like them to be. A few examples of issues to consider when allocating parenting time may be:

  • What happens if the child is sick or if the parent who is supposed to bring the child to the other parent is sick?
  • How should time for birthdays, holidays, summer vacation, winter break and special occasions be divided?
  • Suppose the traditional arrangement of alternate weekends and one midweek visit won’t work for you – what will?

Courts operate under the presumption that the “standard plan” for their particular county is the plan that is in the best interest of the child. This may not always work. If the plan you and the other parent have agreed to differs from that, it becomes our job as attorneys to make certain that the judge understands this. We will then present reasons as to why that may be the case and give clear reasons as to why your version or plan is better. Our experience and knowledge will play a key role in negotiating this important process.

If you and the other parent cannot agree on this issue, we will try to achieve an agreeable solution to the problem through mediation. If that does not resolve the disagreement, we are always prepared to vigorously represent your interests in court if and when that becomes necessary.

While the divorce is pending, courts can make temporary orders about visitation time. For example, if your children are being kept away from you during the divorce or custody case, you can request that the court puts a temporary parenting plan in place until your case is complete.

Visitation Changes

Circumstances very well may change throughout your divorced life as a parent. What worked for your life and your children at the time of the original plan may change. If you need to make alterations to the parenting plan or custody arrangement, you may request the court to ‘Show Cause to Modify the Custody, Parenting Time, or Support Issues’. Our team of attorneys will be able to guide you through this process if it arises. Also, please note that one parent may not make changes to the agreement without the consent of the court or the knowledge of the other parent.


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