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Parental Alienation Laws

Beaverton Family Law Attorneys Focused on the Best Interests of Your Children

When a child’s best interest is not prioritized in a divorce, they are put in a position of being innocent victims. The collateral damage of a marital dissolution is often the mental and emotional health of sons and daughters. A parent whose sole focus is on destroying his or her soon-to-be ex-spouse often results in parental alienation.

Parental alienation is the term used for when one parent does everything they can to turn their child against the other parent. This is a confusing and difficult time for a child, and parents should prioritize not involving their children in their malice.

At Helzer & Cromar, we understand that divorce is an emotional time where our clients and their spouses may not be at their best in terms of decision-making. We encourage divorce clients to look to the future in facilitating positive family relationships, not destructive tactics to impact them negatively and perhaps permanently.

If you and your children are victims of an ex-spouse’s manipulation that has damaged or risked ending relationships, contact us at (206) 957-7273 or toll free at (866) 930-2812.

Parental Alienation Issues

Manipulation of a child in the form of one parent making disparaging remarks about the other is simply not in the best interest of a child. Sons and daughters of divorce feel the impact of change as much as their parents, sometimes more so. During such a difficult time, the last thing they need is a parent demonizing the other, leading the child to feel as though they are a part of the problem.

Children are entitled to a stable, post-divorce future. While their parents no longer live under the same roof, quality time with both is vital for their emotional well-being. If you discover that your spouse is on a mission to turn your child or children against you, we can step in and try to stop the potential damage. Far too much is at stake to allow your children’s minds to be poisoned by unfair and undue criticism.

Parental Alienation Solutions

Do not give up on or blame your children for being influenced by another parent. After all, they are just children. Even if they become hostile, try and make the most of your time together and enjoy each other. In terms of solutions with the alienating parent, the issue may be brought to court in some circumstances. In many cases, judges will be able to tell when one parent is abusing their parenting time. Time is of the essence with parent alienation cases, because of course the children’s needs are put at the forefront of any decision a judge makes. If a parent has influenced a child to the extent that they share that they do not want time with one parent, regardless of the reasons, the court may grant their wishes.

In worst case scenarios such as those, try and be positive. Think long-term and work on improving your relationship with your kids once they are of-age to make their own choices. This requires a lot of patience, but they are your kids and they are worth it.


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