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Grandparents’ & Third Party Rights

On an instinctive level, most people recognize that actively involved grandparents and other family members can play an important role in any child’s life. In fact, it is increasingly common for grandparents and other third parties to actually take on the parenting responsibilities of parents who are abusive, unfit or unwilling to take care of their own children.


Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys in Beaverton

As praiseworthy as these efforts might be, if you instinctively assume grandparents have a legal right to custody or even visitation in these cases — you’d be wrong.

Changes in the law have significantly curtailed grandparents’ rights. For attorneys who can help you assert your rights successfully — call us at (206) 957-7273 or contact us online.

At Helzer & Cromar, we help grandparents assert their rights to child custody or visitation in courtrooms throughout Beaverton, the Portland metropolitan area and Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

Grandparents and other third parties rights to child custody will not be granted without showing:

  • That the birth parents are not providing and are incapable of providing the love and basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter the children need
  • That there has been physical, emotional or mental abuse inflicted on the child by his or her birth parents or people allowed into the home
  • That the birth parents are abusing alcohol or drugs, or engaging in illegal activities such as selling or manufacturing drugs in the home


Grandparent and Third Party Rights to Visitation

Non-parent visitation rights can be obtained but still require a showing that the denial of these rights would be detrimental to the child in some substantial way. If you are seeking to obtain grandparent or third party visitation rights — our Portland-area attorneys can help.


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