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Portland Special Needs Trust Lawyer

When you are considering providing additional financial support to a parent, child or other relative with special needs, it is important to consider any potential unintended consequences. Significant financial gifts may cause your family member to become ineligible for government assistance programs, on which he or she relies. An experienced lawyer can resolve these potential difficulties through the skillful creation of a special needs trust.At the law office of Helzer & Cromar, we serve families throughout the Portland metro area and the surrounding communities.

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Beaverton Special Needs Trust Attorney

In situations where an adult or child requires long-term health care that is partially or completely funded by state and federal government programs, he or she must meet maximum income and asset thresholds. If you were to just transfer money into your family member’s bank account, for example, your gift would be considered in determining whether he or she qualifies for assistance.

A special needs trust provides an ingenious solution. Rather than transferring a lump sum of assets to your loved one, the money can be used to create a trust, which is then administered for his or her benefit.

At Helzer & Cromar, our lawyers have 70 years of combined experience successfully using estate planning tools to ensure asset preservation and enjoyment. We understand the complex regulations relevant to receiving government assistance and how special needs trusts can be used to protect eligibility while allowing you to help improve your family member’s quality of life.


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