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Attorneys Handling Violent Crimes In Beaverton And Surrounding Areas

Some of the most serious criminal consequences arise out of violent crime charges. Anyone arrested or convicted of a violent crime may end up facing years of incarceration, steep fines and a criminal record that greatly influences the opportunities for employment in the future. To best protect yourself from the weight of a violent criminal offense, work with an experienced Beaverton and Portland-area violent crimes lawyer as soon as possible.


Beaverton Lawyers Handling Measure 11 And Assault Cases Throughout Oregon

At Helzer & Cromar LLP, our dedication goes above and beyond the scope of many large law firms. By working with our clients one-on-one and taking on a caseload that is manageable, we are able to strategize for each of our clients according to his or her unique circumstances.

We take the responsibility of managing your case seriously, as it involves protecting you and your loved ones from a lifetime of consequences. For a criminal defense attorney who will relentlessly advocate for your rights, contact our firm. We handle a wide range of violent crime issues, including:

Remember that any interaction you have with the criminal justice system influences the outcome of your case. It is crucial that you work with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to make sure the statements you make have your best interests in mind. Our firm has the experience to take on even the toughest opponents and harshest evidence to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for you and your loved ones.

To schedule an appointment with our firm, contact us online or by telephone at (503) 643-3288.