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Polygraph - Lie Detector Test

Protect your rights when it comes to polygraph tests

A polygraph is a machine used to detect lies. It is used by means of assessing several physiological reactions in a person to determine if they are indeed telling the truth. The machines intake blood pressure, respiration and overall skin conductivity to supplement an investigation or questioning. It is said that polygraph tests are between 70% and 90% accurate.

If you have been asked to take a polygraph test, be sure to have strong representation. Contact us at (503) 626-2889.

In Oregon, there are specific laws and guidelines around when and how a lie detector test and results may be used. If you are asked to take a polygraph test as it relates to a criminal investigation, it is best to contact an experienced attorney prior to doing so. There are some cases in which the test will be legal and/or be used on a person with a serious criminal charge, however, it all depends. There are many factors to go off of when determining if a polygraph test is both legal or useful.

If you are being asked to take a polygraph test for employment purposes, that is most likely illegal under Oregon law. If you are being asked to take a polygraph test for an investigation, be sure to be strongly represented before doing so. Helzer & Cromar attorneys have experience with polygraph test laws in the state of Oregon and can best represent you and your case if necessary.


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