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Marijuana Possession Lawyers

Oregon is widely recognized for its relatively progressive approach to marijuana use. Our state was the first to decriminalize possessing small amounts of pot. Currently, the possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana is charged as a violation, and not a crime. Oregon is also the second state to allow for the use of medicinal marijuana. Despite these laws, people across Oregon are routinely charged with the possession, distribution or manufacture of marijuana.


Beaverton Marijuana Lawyers Defending Against All Types of Drug Charges

If you have been charged with possession, distribution or manufacture of marijuana, it is important that you have a defense lawyer on your side who will protect your rights. For many years, the Beaverton law firm of Helzer & Cromar has defended people across Oregon against a broad range of criminal charges, including drug charges.

Marijuana charges can involve the sale, manufacture or possession of the drug. There can be enhanced penalties if you are within 1,000 feet of a school, or if you deliver marijuana to someone under the age of 18, and you are at least three years older than the recipient of the drug. Whatever you have been charged with, you can rely on our lawyers to delve deep into the facts of your case to explore every possible defense. Our thorough, tenacious approach regularly leads to favorable outcomes for our clients.


Medical Marijuana Attorneys Helping Clients in Beaverton and Beyond

Since the passage of Ballot Measure 67, Oregon has allowed for people with specific medical conditions to grow, possess and use marijuana. Despite these state laws, marijuana possession and manufacture is still illegal under federal law. Therefore, even if you have in compliance with Oregon medical marijuana laws, it is still possible to face federal charges. Further, you can still be charged with marijuana crimes under state law if you do not comply with the specific provisions of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Specifically, you need to register with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Whatever your circumstances, our law firm is prepared to defend you.


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