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Criminal Investigation

Protecting Your Rights During A Criminal Investigation

If you are being faced with a criminal charge in the state of Oregon, the attorneys of Helzer & Cromar can help. We are experienced in a wide range of areas of criminal law and can help to best represent you and your family. If you are under a criminal investigation, having the guidance of an attorney is useful in terms of making sure everything is being carried out legally. When unrepresented, you may not know if a polygraph test is allowed under certain circumstances or if officials have a warrant to enter your home or not. It is not uncommon for those that are unacquainted with the law to be taken advantage of during a criminal investigation.

If you are being investigated for a crime, take immediate action to protect your rights. Contact us at (503) 626-2899.

Criminal investigations can be lengthy and stressful. Allow us to help you through the process with knowledge and aggression. We will fight for you and your family’s rights no matter the situation. With relationships with local investigators and other criminal investigation professionals, our high-caliber legal team is both effective and resourceful in our approach. Some of our criminal investigation clients conducted in the past have been related to:

  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Sexual assault and other sex crimes
  • Theft
  • Drug crimes
  • And more…


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