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Beaverton Business Dissolution Lawyers

In some cases, for any number of reasons, it may become necessary to dissolve a partnership or corporation. At Helzer & Cromar, we serve corporate directors and shareholders throughout the Portland metro area and in Multnomah, Clackamas, Columbia and Washington counties. Our lawyers provide guidance and representation on both transactional matters and disputes that require litigation, including business dissolution and related business activities.

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Oregon Dissolution Attorneys

If a corporation has no shareholders and has not begun business operations, it may be dissolved by a majority of its incorporators filing articles of dissolution with Oregon’s Secretary of State. The shareholders of a corporation may also dissolve a corporation by providing unanimous written consent. More often than not, however, dissolution is proposed to shareholders by its board. Unless modified by the shareholder agreement, a majority vote is required to dissolve a corporation under Oregon corporate law.

After a corporation has been authorized by its shareholders to dissolve, it may not continue business operations except to the extent necessary to conclude business and liquidate assets, including:

  • Collecting assets and property
  • Discharging or reconciling liabilities
  • Distributing any remaining property to shareholders according to ownership interest
  • Other necessary actions for dissolution to be completed

To ensure efficient and proper dissolution, it is critical that you retain an experienced business and corporate lawyer who has a complete understanding of the relevant laws, as well as your goals and objectives. The lawyers at Helzer & Cromar will provide straightforward legal guidance focused on your best interests during the course of business dissolution.

Legal Representation Throughout the Life of Your Business Entity — From Beginning to End

Disputes and legal concerns in the business world are inevitable. The successful formation, continued operations and agreements regarding dissolution and succession of a business require the assistance of lawyers you can trust. We take pride in the results-oriented guidance we have provided to our long-term clients. Our attorneys are more than just advisers; we are advocates for success.

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