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Beaverton Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

Non-competition agreements are intended to prevent employees from working for competitors of their employer for a specified period of time and geographic range after they leave employment. At Helzer & Cromar, we represent business entities throughout Beaverton and the Portland metro area whose employees have begun working for a competitor in violation of his or her non-competition agreement, as well as individuals accused of such a violation.

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Oregon Non-Compete Clause Attorney

If non-compete agreements are too broad or vaguely worded, or if specific terms are unreasonable, they are difficult to enforce. For example, an agreement that states an employee cannot work for another sales company would be invalidated as too broad, and an agreement that prevents an employee from working for industry competitors for 10 years would most likely be found unreasonable by the court.

Whether you are seeking to ensure or defeat enforceability, it is very important that you retain attorneys who understand relevant Oregon law and how Oregon court’s have interpreted and applied similar non-compete clauses.

The attorneys at Helzer & Cromar will protect your rights and interests as outlined in the non-competition agreement and by law. We will listen carefully to your concerns and take them into account from negotiation of the agreement to its enforcement, to ensure that our legal strategy meets your ongoing business objectives and goals.

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