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Portland Confidentiality Agreement Lawyer

Confidentiality agreements, also referred to as non-disclosure agreements, are intended to prevent employees from revealing its protected secrets to competitors, sometimes for very specific time frames and sometimes even after they have discontinued employment.

The attorneys at Helzer & Cromar provide a full-range of business and corporate legal services, including negotiation, drafting, interpretation and enforcement of confidentiality agreements.

To discuss your concerns with our Beaverton confidentiality agreement lawyers,contact our law firm to schedule a consultation. We serve clients throughout the Portland metro area.

Oregon Confidentiality Attorney

Confidentiality agreements are difficult to enforce if adequate efforts haven’t been made by the corporation to keep the information protected from disclosure secret. For example, a company may not be able to pursue damages for an employee’s reveal of a “secret ingredient” or “recipe,” if such “secrets” were readily accessible to all employees of the company.

Whether you are attempting to apply the confidentiality agreement and seek damages for its breach, or if you are attempting to show that the agreement does not apply, it is critical that you work with a lawyer who understands relevant Oregon law and how Oregon courts have interpreted similar agreements.

At Helzer & Cromar, we will protect your rights and interests afforded by the confidentiality agreement and Oregon law. Our lawyers aim to understand your business strategy and goals for the future, so that our legal advice reflects your objectives for continued successful operations.

Providing Legal Guidance Throughout the Life of Your Business

To ensure the long-term operation of your business, it is important to develop a relationship with an attorney from whom you can seek trusted advice when legal issues arise.

Our attorneys are strong advocates for the success of your business and are committed to meeting all of your business’s needs.

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