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Beaverton, OR Diversion Program Lawyer

Have You Been Arrested for DUI / DUII in Oregon?

Have you been arrested for DUI or DUII in Oregon? You may be able to prevent the conviction from being entered onto your driving record by completing the DUII diversion program. At Helzer & Cromar, we can explain the program requirements and guide you through the process of clearing your record.

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What is Diversion?

Drunk driving offenders may be able to prevent a DUI or DUII conviction from being entered onto their criminal record by successfully completing the Oregon diversion program. Our attorneys can give you more information about the program requirements, any costs involved and how you can apply for it.

Not all DUII offenders are eligible for diversion. For those who are eligible and who are committed to successfully completing the program, diversion is an option to consider as a rare second chance in the criminal justice system.


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