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CDL DUI Lawyers

Beaverton Commercial Driver DUI Lawyers

For most people, the worst penalty associated with a DUII is a driver’s license suspension. The loss of a driver’s license is, at best, a major inconvenience. For commercial drivers, the loss of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) means much more. The loss of your CDL will keep you from supporting yourself and will severely limit your employment opportunities. If you are a commercial driver and have been charged with DUII, your very livelihood is on the line. In this situation, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

We are the law firm of Helzer & Cromar. From our office in Beaverton, we serve clients across the Beaverton metropolitan area. Our attorneys and staff fully understand the unique issues that are involved when commercial drivers are accused of DUII.


The DUII Laws for Commercial Drivers Are Very Tough

Under Oregon law, if you hold a CDL and are convicted of DUII, your CDL will be suspended for at least one year. If you are found to have a blood alcohol concentration of .04 or higher while you are operating a commercial vehicle, you will be charged with a major violation, and will face a one-year license suspension. In either of these situations, if you are convicted a second time, you face the lifelong suspension of your CDL. In addition, CDL license holders are not eligible for diversion on DUII or other traffic offenses. This limits the types of plea agreements that are often available in these types of cases.

We will fight these accusations aggressively. Our attorneys will challenge every part of the government’s case. If there are deficiencies in the government’s evidence, we will find these weaknesses and exploit them. If there is reason to believe that the police did not follow proper procedures, or that they violated your rights, we will seek a dismissal of the charges.


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