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Refusing a Breath Test in Oregon

The Impact of a Failed Breathalyzer Test Caused by a Faulty Device

A Breathalyzer test showing the influence of alcohol on a driver does not mean that those results are accurate. Experienced criminal defense attorneys who handle DUI cases know that problems exist with the supposedly reliable apparatus. A lack of maintenance or poor calibration can lead to faulty, if not outright inaccurate results. Our job is to get to the facts while protecting the rights of our clients facing serious criminal consequences.

An inaccurate reading on a Breathalyzer can lead to a criminal record, fines, increased insurance rates and the possible loss of your driver’s license. For help,contact us at (503) 626-2889.

Contrary to what police officers and prosecutors tell you, Breathalyzers are fallible. Things can go wrong in the administration of a breath test. Failing to calibrate the machine on a periodic basis can lead to a false result. No matter how “new” the device is, poor maintenance can render it unreliable, if not useless.

At Helzer & Cromar, we focus on minimizing the consequences following an arrest, particularly when it involves refusing a breath test in Oregon. The first decision our clients are faced with after a traffic stop is whether to agree to the administration of a Breathalyzer. While refusing may bolster a criminal defense, the possibility of license suspension exists, especially if the driver already has a DUI on his or her record.

Regardless of the circumstances that led up to an initial stop by a police officer or the reliability of Breathalyzer testing, you need an advocate to protect your rights. You need an attorney who will attend to all details in the investigation of your DUI arrest. Prosecutors want convictions at trial or an admission of guilt following an arrest. We want to secure the best outcome on your behalf.


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