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Beaverton DUI Attorney

DUI arrests and charges can be stressful and concerning, as even first-time DUIs can come with some harsh, long-lasting penalties. Although it may seem like there are few options when you are accused of a DUI, having the representation of an experienced lawyer – like a Beaverton DUI attorney at Helzar & Cromar, LLP – can be central to:

  • Identifying your best DUI defense options
  • Protecting your rights and interests at every phase of your case
  • Minimizing (if not avoiding) the possible negative impacts associated with DUI cases
  • Bringing your DUI case to the best possible resolution
  • Preserving your freedom, reputation and future.

The following presents some important information about Beaverton DUI cases, including what to expect following an arrest, the potential penalties and what accused people should know about DUI laws in Oregon.

When you are ready to get answers and information specific to your situation and case, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted Beaverton DUI attorney at Helzar & Cromar, LLP. Our lawyers are here for you, ready to fight on your behalf and defend you against any type of DUI case.

How Can a Beaverton DUI Attorney Help Me?

In general, some of the things that a DUI lawyer can do for those accused of driving under the influence of intoxications (DUII, also referred to as DUI herein) include (but may not be limited to):

  • Getting the accused out of jail ASAP
  • Requesting the DMV DUI administrative hearing and representing the accused in this hearing to try to help them avoid a license suspension
  • Helping the accused protect their rights as they navigate the complexities of the legal process
  • Gathering and analyzing all essential evidence to support the defense case
  • Identifying and establishing the holes or weaknesses in prosecutors’ arguments to help favorably resolve DUI cases – Depending on the circumstances of a given case (as well as the criminal record of the accused), favorable outcomes can involve pursuing a dismissal of the charges, an acquittal, or possibly even plea deals (involving lesser charges and/or penalties that can minimize the consequences of a DUI conviction).

Benefits of Choosing Us to Defend You

When you entrust your defense to a Beaverton DUI lawyer at Helzar & Cromar, LLP, you can rely on us to provide all of the above services, as well as to help you pursue and/or prove:

  • Whether the officer had probable cause to stop your vehicle
  • Whether procedural mistakes — in administering the Breathalyzer, informing you of your rights, or other aspects of your case — could enable us to win a dismissal or acquittal (For instance, mistakes made in administering a breath test can result in questionable blood alcohol content results, which could be grounds for a dismissal of the charges).
  • Your eligibility for diversion to avoid a conviction if this is your first DUII offense
  • All legal options for minimizing the severe, far-reaching consequences of conviction for an underage DUI, a felony DUI charge if you have multiple DUI offenses on your record, or if you are accused of a CDL DUI.
  • Whether, based on our assessment of the full situation, a guilty or not guilty DUI plea makes the most sense for you.

We have extensive experience helping people from out of state deal with Oregon DUII charges, counseling parents who want the best possible defense for their children, and dealing with a range of other situations such as drug-related DUI and boating or biking DUIs.

At Helzer & Cromar, we take every case seriously and provide individual attention to every client. If you or your child has been arrested for DUII in Beaverton, contact us for a consultation as soon as possible.


Common DUI Questions

Revealing more about DUI laws, penalties and cases in Oregon, the following presents some essential answers to commonly asked DUI questions.


My First Beaverton DUI Arrest: What Should I Expect?

Following a first-time DUI arrest in Beaverton, you can expect to have to deal with two cases:

  • The administrative DMV case that centers on whether you will be permitted to keep your driving privileges (or whether a license suspension will take effect)
  • The criminal DUI case that focuses on the question of guilt and that will be adjudicated in court.

If the criminal case ends in a conviction, the minimum penalties that are typically imposed for a first-time DUI in Oregon tend to include (but may not be exclusive to):

  • Jail time – At least 48 hours
  • Fines and court fees – An average of $1,400
  • Community service – At least 80 hours
  • Probation – Between 18 months and up to 24 months.


A 2nd DUI Conviction: What Are the Penalties?

In general, the penalties that are commonly imposed for a second DUI conviction in Beaverton, Or can include (but may not be limited to):

  • Jail time – Up to 1 year
  • Fines and court fees – Between $2,000 and $10,000
  • License suspension – Up to 3 years
  • Probation – Depends on the details of the case.


A 3rd DUI Conviction: What Are the Penalties?

A third DUI charge in Oregon is usually filed as a Class C felony (rather than as a misdemeanor). This means that third (and subsequent) DUI convictions can result in far harsher penalties than first- or second-time DUIs, with some of these penalties potentially including (but not necessarily being exclusive to):

  • Incarceration – Up to 5 years in prison
  • Fines and court fees – Up to $125,000
  • License suspension – Potentially permanent
  • Probation – The term of which will, again, depend on the specifics of the case.


Will I Lose My License after a DUI?

Whether your driver’s license will be suspended following a DUI arrest will depend on various factors, including (and not necessarily limited to):

  • Whether you request a DMV hearing following your arrest – This hearing must be requested within 10 days of the date of your arrest. If you fail to make the request within this period, you can lose the opportunity for the DMV hearing, meaning that a license suspension will take effect.
  • The outcome of the DMV hearing – This will be determined by a DMV official, based on hearing the facts of the case. Having an attorney represent you during this hearing can be central to favorable outcomes, as a lawyer can cross-examine the arresting officer (potentially bringing important evidence to light).
  • Whether you have prior DUI convictions on your record – With even just one prior DUI conviction on your record, you could be looking at up to a 3-year driver’s license suspension.


The DMV Process for Oregon DUI Cases

DMV hearings for DUI cases in Beaverton, Oregon proceed much differently and faster that the court DUI case. While there are very strict timeframes for requesting these hearings (as noted in the above answer), there are also specific procedures that must be followed during them. An experienced lawyer can guide the accused through this process, helping them protect their rights at every phase of the hearing.

In terms of the DMV DUI hearing, the following are a few more important points to understand:

  • Hearings can be requested via phone, fax or online. To make an online request for a DMV DUI hearing in Oregon, click here.
  • Hearings are typically conducted over the phone, unless you, your lawyer or the arresting officer requests an in-person hearing.

Start Fighting DUI Charges Now: Contact a Beaverton DUI Attorney at Helzar & Cromar, LLP

If you have been accused of drunk or impaired driving, you can turn to a Beaverton DUI attorney at Helzar & Cromar, LLP for vigorous, effective defense representation. Bringing decades of experience to every case, our lawyers are focused on:

  • Fully understanding our clients’ needs while providing them with personal attention and respect
  • Protecting our clients’ rights while we advance their interests
  • Working diligently to bring every case to the best possible resolution.

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