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Beaverton Divorce Lawyers Can Help with Marital Property Division Of Assets

Property Division Beaverton Divorce Attorneys in the Greater Portland Area

If every marriage were the same and all assets held equal value — property division could be accomplished in the same way that two children might divide a handful of jellybeans.

In real life, property division is often much more complicated than it seems and requires extensive legal knowledge to effectively mediate or litigate.

Solutions to the problems of property division are within your reach. To learn more about this issue and how we can help — call our Portland area law offices directly at 503-626-2889 or contact us online.

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At Helzer & Cromar, we handle divorce and all aspects of Oregon’s property division process for people in Multnomah, Clackamas, Columbia and Washington counties. This includes:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • Assets, property, and real estate brought into the marriage
  • Tracing commingled assets
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Business and professional practice valuations
  • Division of pensions, 401k’s and employee benefits
  • Division of investments, stock holdings and retirement accounts

Although each marriage is unique and assets hold different values, couples and domestic partners can still come to an amicable agreement regarding property division without heading to court.

That said — having an attorney who has experience in dividing marital property and who can offer an objective perspective will be invaluable to you during this process and may even prevent litigation.

Critical oversights can cost you your legal rights. Trust that over 50 years of combined experience will be a valuable asset for protecting your interests.

You can find an attorney like that right here, everyday.

If you and a spouse or domestic partner cannot reach an agreement, the Oregon Uniform Marital Property Act will govern the process with our guidance. Under this statute, there is a presumption that both spouses equally contributed to the marital estate. Based on that, the court will look to divide the marital estate “equitably” — not equally — between the spouses.

As your attorneys, we will challenge unfair business valuation methods, suspiciously low or high appraisals, and other attempts to prevent you from getting what you deserve. Knowing the right financial experts is critical in addressing inaccurate appraisals and other common misrepresentations.

Details, details, details. Attention to the financial details of divorce takes more than a law degree. It takes experience and knowledge to know what to look for.

Should litigation become necessary, we will be aggressive in presenting your contributions to the marriage estate in the most favorable light to the court.


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