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Practice Areas

At Helzer & Cromar, we serve clients throughout the Portland metro area and the surrounding counties in the areas of family law, criminal defense, DUI, estate planning and probate, business law, insurance claims, litigation and personal injury.


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Beaverton Family Law Attorneys

Family law Our Beaverton family law attorneys bring experience and legal knowledge in helping clients get through a difficult, emotional time. Our Beaverton Divorce Lawyer and family law practice encompasses:

Beaverton and Portland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal law — Throughout the handling of a criminal case, our Beaverton criminal defense lawyers not only protect the rights of our clients but also investigate whether those rights have been violated. Our criminal defense practice includes:

DUI — At Helzer & Cromar, our DUI defense attorneys reassure our clients that a traffic stop and subsequent arrest for DUI does not mean a conviction is automatic. The process is far too complex and susceptible to the smallest error that compromises rights. Our DUI defense practice involves:

Beaverton & Portland Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys

Estate planning and probate — While no one wants to consider his or her own demise, we encourage clients to be proactive in putting their wishes in writing. Our goal is to avoid future disputes that take the form of will contests in probate court. Our estate planning practice includes:

Beaverton and Portland Business Law Attorneys

Business law — As a full-service business and corporate law firm, we help clients start and close businesses, maintain a company’s success and handle all aspects of both transactional and litigation matters. We can assist you with the following:

Insurance bad faith — Insurance companies are more than happy to collect premium payments. However, when it comes time to pay, they ignore or avoid their obligation. Our job is to hold them accountable for the following:

Litigation — While some attorneys avoid the courtroom, we often find the best resolution for our clients is taking a legal matter to trial.

Personal injury — If you have been injured in an accident caused by negligence, take immediate action in not only calling an attorney but also securing medical attention.

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