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Although divorce can be a viable solution when a marriage is no longer working, the process can be challenging, especially when the split is happening on not-so-favorable terms. The choices you make, however, as your divorce moves forward can greatly impact how quickly and efficiently you can put your divorce behind you – and possibly how much it may cost you in the process.

To elucidate some of the factors can make divorce more costly, complicated and likely stressful, below we have revealed a handful of the most common divorce mistakes to sidestep when moving through the process. When you need specific advice regarding how to protect your interests in an Oregon divorce, don’t hesitate to contact Beaverton divorce attorney at Helzer & Cromar, LLP.

  1. Refusing to compromise on anything – Working with your ex to compromise may be the last thing you want to do when it’s time to divorce. If, however, you can be open to possibility of compromise – even on just some issues in your divorce, you can more quickly resolve those issues, possibly expediting the case (and likely saving you money as a result). The short-term gratification that may come with refusing to compromise with an ex can be eclipsed by the long-term costs that may result from it.
  2. Failing to close joint lines of credit – As soon as you know that divorce is coming, closing joint lines of credit is a smart financial move. That’s because it will prevent an ex from maxing out your credit (maybe out of bitterness or as a way to try to cut you off financially). When doing this, it’s also smart to establish a personal line of credit, as well as a personal checking/savings account (if you don’t already have one).
  3. Attempting to hide assets – Don’t fall into the trap of trying to conceal assets in divorce. It’s illegal and can cost you big time later.
  4. Lying to try to gain the upper hand in the case – Lying in any way to the court (including in documents filed with the court) can constitute perjury and also result in criminal charges (and penalties). So be truthful in your court filings and testimony. Lying will damage your credibility, and in all likelihood, could sway the court to rule against you.
  5. Going at it alone – Not retaining an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you through divorce can be one of the biggest mistakes, as it can result in you compromising your interest and/or being unable to protect them. With a lawyer on your side, however, you can get through the process as favorably and efficiently as possible.

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